Machine Learning Services

What is Machine Learning ?

Machine Learning is a data analysis process which enables the machine to learn from the existing data and identify images and data, and guides computers to help find solutions quicker. During the process, it quickly extracts meaningful insights from raw data to solve complex and abundant data business problems through artificial intelligence.

How Machine Learning (ML) can help business ?

Since, Machine Learning (ML) helps in extracting and understanding useful and meaningful data from a huge set of raw data, your computer behaves much in the fashion of the human mind and even better at speeds that a human mind could never match. If these trained machines are used to implement works in the right manner, they can offer a variety of solutions to complicated business problems dealing with data and information. For example, through machine learning we can predict consumer behaviour, speed up the computation processes, avoid unnecessary processing time, etc and service our consumers better while making more profits at the same time. Knowing your customer leads to the much sought after consumer satisfaction. It helps you know what your customer wants or needs even before they make the conscious decision of this need.

Several technology companies like Microsoft, Google are coming up with their own Machine Learning platforms which are based on cloud. Ecommerce now seems impossible without Data Analytics and machine learning. Facial recognition and other image processing functions are increasingly becoming popular and are being innovatively used in various industries and service sectors.

Here are some of the common benefits of Machine Learning in various industries:-

  • Predictive mechanism is greatly helpful in reducing the risks associated with maintenance like unexpected failures, which eliminates unwanted expenses.

  • Solution for manual data entry mistakes. Machine Learning identifies right data by creating correct processes which is helpful in avoiding data entry problems.

  • Provide strong solutions in the finance industry like robust portfolio management, algorithmic trading, and loan underwriting and fraud detection.

  • Offer error free systemization in healthcare to make an almost perfect diagnosis, predict readmissions, identify high-risk patients and even prescribe medicines.

How we can help you?

Machine learning and image processing for machine learning needs an indepth analysis of your business and your business needs coupled with your clients or customer needs. We an help you identify areas where machine learning can be useful.

To get the most results from machine learning, your company must know, how to combine the best algorithms with the right tools and processes. Concern Infotech offers the right combination of rich, sophisticated structure in statistics and data mining with advance architectural foundation, which ensures your business models run as fast as possible – even in large enterprise environments.